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Avalon Organics Vanilla Rosemary Lip Balm


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Whoops! I didn’t intend to take so much time away from this site, but the demands of finishing a cookbook and the summer canning season made it hard to get over here. I have gathered up quite a backlog of balms to share (including the recent shipment from my sister) and so I hope to drop by at least once a week (or more!) from here on out!

vanilla rosemary lip balm

Today’s balm is the Vanilla Rosemary Lip Balm from¬†Avalon Organics. As an avid fan of both vanilla and rosemary flavored things, I was quite excited when I spotted this one on the shelf at a natural foods store outside of¬†Indianapolis.

It speaks to both flavors well (though I’d love a little more rosemary and a little less vanilla) and is smooth and not too sweet.

Details: Comes in a .15 ounce tube. Costs between $2-3 when you buy it at the store. On the Avalon Organics site, it’s $2.99 and on Amazon, it’s $5.05 (but that price does include shipping).

Disclosure: I bought it.

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