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Vermont Bee Balm Original Lip Balm


vermont bee balm

My sister gave me my first tube of Vermont Bee Balm lip balm years ago. It was the orange flavored version and she picked it up at a co-op while on tour. Knowing that it was hard to find outside of New England, I used it sparingly.

When I was in Vermont last summer on book tour, I made a point of visiting the lip balm aisle of the natural foods market where I was demonstrating. And while they didn’t have the orange flavor, the did have a tube of the original version and so I added it to my basket. It’s been stationed on the windowsill behind my seat on the couch ever since.

The reason I like this balm so much is that it is super smooth, not too heavy, and yet still gives you long-lasting moisture. Let me explain why this unusual.

In my experience, lip balms run a spectrum of oily to waxy. Sometimes you want something on the waxier end of the spectrum, because the dense stickiness of the wax makes for a longer lasting, thicker application (these are better for winter use). Other times, you’re looking for something lighter and that will absorb more quickly. You typically get that with a product that has less wax and more oil.

However, pulling together the best qualities of both wax and oil without having any of their lesser characteristics taking center stage makes for a very nice balm indeed. And that is, in a nutshell, the Vermont Bee Balm Original Lip Balm.

Details: Comes in a .15 ounce tube. Made in Craftsbury, VT. Contains olive oil and beeswax. Costs $2.50 (or thereabouts).

Disclosure: I bought this lip balm.

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