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Eucalyptus Lip Relief


eucalyptus lip relief

I have an unfortunate tendency of buying things I wouldn’t otherwise consider when I’m stranded at airports. This is why I own memory foam eye shades, one of those bean bag neck pillows, and this tube of Eucalyptus Lip Relief.

The day I bought it, I was not in need of lip balm (I probably had at least three different options already on my person). I was simply looking for a little entertainment while waiting for a flight and buying an $8 tube of balm seemed as good as any in that moment.

eucalyptus lip relief side

Despite not actually requiring it, this little tube has become one of my preferred balms. It has a nice consistency, wears well, and the eucalyptus makes it feel pleasingly therapeutic (I have always been partial to medicated balms. It dates back to a childhood attachment to Mentholatum. More on that soon).

I also like how it works as a balm to all your chapped parts, not just the lips. I’ve been known to dab a little on my nose during cold season, or on my cuticles if I’ve been doing a lot of dishes. It works beautifully in all applications.

Details: Comes in a .5 ounce tube. Costs $8.

Disclosure: I bought it.

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